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Riverdale High AV Club - Megan and Ezra EPISODE 44, 13th October 2020
44. There's a Light on at the Old Van Helsing Place
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44. There's a Light on at the Old Van Helsing Place

Ezra puts Megan to the ultimate test in this episode with the hardest Archie comics quiz ever. Will she survive to co-host another show? Only this episode knows for sure.

Then we have an Unnamed Game from Megan - Halloween Party edition! Ezra must guess between an identity stealing caper featuring the Blossom Twins, some misplaced magic from Sabrina and the girls, or the eternal question of who Halloween really belongs to, children, parents, or teens?

Megan gets tossed back in the hot seat with another quiz, and has to answer "live" and on air who her favorite person in the world is. Uh oh!

Join us in October for Riverdale High Book Club! Megan is reading (and loving!) "Interview the the Vixen" by Rebecca Barrow, and Ezra recommends any and all of the Archie Horror comics! Pick up a copy, and read along with us!