[INTERVIEW] Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a content creator. Interview with Sudha Singh
Episode 239th August 2021 • Courageous Content with Janet Murray • Janet Murray
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Being a content creator can feel scary.

Because until you hit ‘publish’ on that blog, podcast, or social media post you have no idea how people are going to react to your content.

Will people love, hate or - and this can be worse - ignore it completely?

And what if you say something ‘wrong’ or offend someone (even though you didn’t mean to). 

That's what you'll find out in this podcast interview with communications and diversity consultant Sudha Singh - who finally found the courage to launch a podcast last year (after years of thinking about it). 

While Sudha shares her experiences of launching a podcast, the experiences she shares apply to any type of content.

So if you’ve ever doubted yourself as a content creator - or wondered if you have Imposter Syndrome - I know you’ll get so much value from this episode.

Key moments

[2:31] Why so few women start podcasts compared to men 

[5:27] About Sudha Singh’s podcast: The Elephant In The Room

[9:40] Sudha’s fears about sharing her content with the world

[10:41] Imposter syndrome and how it affected Sudha

[12:05] Managing perfectionism and fear of ‘getting it wrong’ with content

[14:35] Why creating great content starts with getting uncomfortable 

[23:54] How to overcome fears about sharing your content

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