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Executive Producer, Actor and Instructor - Frank Parrillo
Episode 2816th September 2021 • Expert Talk with TGo • Theresa Goss
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Frank owns and operates DreamTraxx Academy. He has Executive Produced/Produced of over 60 projects consisting of Films, TV Episodes, a Reality Series and Training films. In addition to successfully producing Acting Frank owns and operates DreamTraxx Academy. He has Executive Produced/Produced of over 60 projects consisting of Films, TV Episodes, a Reality Series and Training films. In addition to successfully producing Acting Showcases, Workshops, and Actor Boot Camps..

He's also the founder of the highly successful 1 Media Productions company with a film released in 2019, Project: Puppies for Christmas starring John Ratzenberger, and a 2020 release, 1 Interrogation with Tom Arnold. He is currently in Pre-Production for 1 Dark Night, which he is the Producer and authored the Screen Play. Frank is also the producer of the TV Series The Nightmare Gate Box.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are? The 9@9 with me TGo and today, as always, we're bringing in an expert, but this guy I've known for well ever. I consider him my little big brother. I learned a lot about the acting business. I used to have my studio in his studio. I might even like him this much.

Frank Parrillo here today. Frank, are you out there? I'm hearing. Hey, thank you for having me Theresa. Thanks for coming on, man. This is, this is fun. So we got lots of stuff to cover. Lots of stuff to cover. Okay. So w we need to talk about Hollywood Bound is now like grown up. It became DreamTraxx,

right? That's right. Okay. So what is DreanTraxx Academy and what makes it, you know, a little bit like the big brother of Hollywood Bound? So what we did was we, we introduced it a lot more classes. For instance, we, we just, we don't only just teach acting. We teach on camera skills. We teach auditioning skills.

We teach commercials, we have improv, we have seen breakdown. I've brought in some new teachers. I got William McNamara. He's an award-winning actor. He teaches every Wednesday. I got Tim Colceri, teaching commercials. And so we kind of just grew up in and created an academy that allows a very, very thorough education into the, not just acting,

but the business itself. You know, there's one thing I give you a hard time because you are family. And I give you a hard time all the time, but in this business called Hollywood and acting and all of that, you are one of the fairest guys. I know, and you'll tell them straight out, you know, this is a good deal.

This is not such a good deal, because it, it can be kind of scary being out there. And people are throwing things at you because you've got a skill in this thing called acting. What made you decide to get into this business in the first place? Well, actually, my Dad was really a big into filmmaking. He shot lots of films with his kids.

He, he, we would make sets and, and he would have us go on the set and, and fall off onto a mattress. He taught us everything about what it was to be an actor or a stunt person like that. So I kind of caught the bug early, started doing plays in high school, and then afterwards, and then, you know,

I always wanted to work in Hollywood. So I started working my way, that, that way. And, and I had some success. I've, I've done some movies. I've been an Executive Producer, Producer, I've acted. And man, it's, it's the best industry in the world. I mean, I love being in it. One thing about when you walk into now DreamTraxx,

you know, when I met you as Hollywood Bound, but when you walk into DreamTraxx, you treat everybody equally. Some have major credits, some are just getting started. And they're all part of this. Now DreamTraxx, family that you bring in my question is how old do you have to be to start classes? And is there a limit,

like, you know, you say, don't get started after 60 or something like that. How what's the age range? Well, first of all, we usually like the kids to be able to at least read. So when they come in, so we usually don't take them unless they're in their first or second grade, but we don't care how old you are.

You can have a career at this business at any age anymore. It's just, it's a very diverse opportunity. Now. It didn't use to be that way, but you can be old. You can be heavy, you can be thin. You can, it doesn't matter anymore. You can, you can look like me and be successful. So I teach,

I teach that. I teach that to all my students. I make them believe in themselves because the one thing that is really important in this business is confidence. And you've got to have confidence that you can make it, or you're just going to get discouraged and give up. So confidence is, is key to this. And yes, we do have a family environment at the school full,

all right? All my students are very supportive of each other. They're supportive of other actors because it's already hard enough to be in this business without everybody being at each other's throats. No, I can totally understand that. And now you actually offer a couple of zoom classes so that if you're not in the Las Vegas area for everybody out there that don't know this we're in Vegas.

So if you're not in the Las Vegas area, they could still take courses or classes with you, right? That's correct. I do have, I offer some zoom classes in a class environment, but I also do a private zoom classes with people if they're not in the area and they want to get that specific one-on-one training for acting, I do, I offer that both ways.

So have a zoom for classroom environment. And then I have personal zooms that I do. And I give you credit. I don't know how often you get a chance to watch the show, but I've given you credit several times for, you know, being a part of me sitting here, because I still remember saying Frank, I'm going to do the show.

I'm finally going to host, what the heck do I do? And how do I work this camera? And you were like, all right, let's go to lunch. And during a lunch hour, you figured it out. You said, do this, don't do that. Be yourself, blah, blah, blah. And I felt way more comfortable in front of the camera.

Is this something you would suggest to other people that are starting a podcast or going to be doing commercials for their business? Maybe they don't want to be an actor, but they want to be on camera. Is it, you know, do you suggest they take classes for that as well? Yeah. So being on camera's only is all about creating a persona,

just like acting as you're creating, you're creating some type of persona. And sometimes that's persona has everything to do with you. Just like acting does a persona is every part of you, but it becomes about what are we selling to the audience and how do we do that? What do we look like? What is our, our goal on that? And,

and what, what best way to take the energy from inside of us and make that palatable for other people. So, yeah, we teach that all the time. It's very, very common, very, very common. Okay, Mr. Producer, over there, just through the two minute warning up on us. So for people that are listening, what's your website,


she's, she's cast some really big things. She's going to do a two day workshops. So if that's something you guys are interested in, please give us a call. Otherwise, if you're at all wanting to get in front of the camera, reach out to us. We have great training program and we do kids, adults, seniors. We don't care.

Everybody can be good in front of the cameras, just about practice. And then this man says major casting director. He's talking about somebody who's worked with Disney. I mean, major names. So you definitely want to check out, you know, this event that's happening in November. And then finally, sir, you have a podcast. Finally, I've been talking about it for years.

What's the name of your podcast? My podcast is called DreamTraxx Live and Uncut. And we interview celebrities and people from the industry. And we talked to them about their, their journey and you know, the failures and the successes they had along the way. And, and yet they all made it. These are people who are just like you and me,

but they made it because they stuck it out. And that's really what it's all about. And you're actually coming to PodNation.TV. Frank is finally coming to PodNation.TV. You have no idea what a struggle this has been. And I'm hoping to be a guest over there. I'm just throwing my hat in the ring. I want to be, I want to come on,

come on. Let's do this one more time. Let's tell them where your web addresses It's And my podcast is it's. It's seen on Facebook and YouTube with its DreamTraxx Live and uncut. It's amazing to have you on brother. I'm so glad you could come out here. And we actually got everything in before Allen cut us off.

I'm so excited. You guys check out And don't forget the event that's coming up in November. What's the date? November 4th. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. November 6th and 7th, November 6th and 7th. You guys check that out. I'm going to make sure that he gets over to Pod... Thank you, Allen. I'm going to make sure Frank's podcast gets over to PodNation.

You guys got to come check that out. And then of course, I got to get over to his show. If you guys are afraid of the camera or worried about getting in front of people, call Frank, get out there. Hey, I want to thank you for watching. I hope you watch next time. And as always I'm TGo I'll talk to you next time.

See y'all next time.