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49. What Healthy Hustle Looks Like
Episode 493rd January 2022 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Can you believe it's 2022?! We're sharing our first podcast episode of the year - and I can't believe it's actually happening. I'm so excited about today's episode because we're really diving into what healthy hustle looks like in our businesses. I don't know about you, but for us, the fall was just crazy busy. As we come out of such a busy season and have the chance to slow down, it's the perfect time to reflect on what's been going on, what's working and what's not.

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The Healthy Hustle

The word "hustle" has become somewhat of a buzzword in the creative industry. It's means a lot of things to all of us - some good and some bad. During the height of our busy season, I was talking with my mastermind girls about what it looked like for them. It really sparked this episode. But, anyway. I'm a huge advocate of working from a place of rest, not one of hustling, so it's really interesting to think about the seasons in which hustling is more appropriate for us. If you ask me, there's 100% a wrong and right way (and time) to hustle for our businesses. I don't want you getting caught up in the idea of hustling to get things done to the point that you're broken when all of its' over. So let's walk through how to create a healthy hustle in your business.

What makes a "healthy" hustle?

There's three main indicators that your hustling isn't healthy. The first one is boundaries. A healthy hustle has boundaries. You have to decide what your non-negotiable are and stick by them while you're in these seasons of hustling towards your goal. These could be things like putting your kids to bed, having a family dinner each night, or always leaving a day open for a family day. Whatever it is: decide on it at the start. If you try to change your ways mid-way through the busy season, you're going to have such a hard time. Trust me on that one!

The second thing is that you need to be taking care of yourself. Even in the midst of your busiest season, take care of you. Your self-care might look different, but it's still important. And seriously, sometimes just the extra five minutes sitting in the car at night is totally self-care! Self-care isn't always about massages and nail salons. Sometimes it's just turning off work when you said you would - or lighting a candle and reading. Whatever it is for you, make sure you do it.

Finally, work hard but only hustle for a season. Like I mentioned, I'm all about working from a place of rest. I truly believe that hustling comes in seasons. It shouldn't be your only mode of existing. Having a set end date (for example, not taking any sessions in December after a long fall) brings so much hope and comfort. Your seasons may look different, but try to remember that they're just seasons and should ONLY be seasons. Not all the time.

How do you know if you're hustling in an unhealthy way?

So I wanted to give you kind of a framework of how to know if you're hustling well or if you're hustling in an unhealthy way. So here is some kind of lenses to look through when you're looking at your hustle: if you are hustling and you're feeling like you want to quit or you're feeling like you're at your breaking point or you're so exhausted that you wonder if your clients are even worth it, then that is not healthy. Healthy Hustle does not leave you wanting to quit or just dreading working every single day. A Healthy Hustle leaves you reassured, knowing that your clients are being served well. I want more than anything for you to feel prepared for busy season and really in your heart to know that you're going to hustle well. So if you need that accountability, you need that encouragement, whatever it is, reach out to me. I want to help!

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