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The Global Startup Movement - Startup Ecosystem Leaders, Global Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Market Innovation - Andrew Berkowitz 17th November 2020
Unpacking opportunities and barriers to adoption in the Solar industry
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Unpacking opportunities and barriers to adoption in the Solar industry

Aviv Shalgi is the CEO of energy tech startup, Solar Simplified, a platform that matches renters and homeowners who care about the environment and want to save money on the electricity bill with local solar farms. For 6+ years he's been a Board Member, Mentor and Advisor for multiple startups and not-for-profit organizations. He previously led Dormigo’s business and corporate development efforts (until its acquisition), driving organic and inorganic growth, and was responsible for partnerships, alliances and bringing innovation to the real estate and hospitality industries. He served for 4 years as in IDF’s Visual Intelligence Corps (9900, Israel’s “Eyes in the sky”) as a Captain, where he founded a unique cross-branches innovation team, earning the Major-General of Intelligence Corps award for Creative Thinking, and trained 100+ trainees in satellite operations.

On this episode you'll learn:

1. What technologies and public policies have advanced over the past decade that has allowed for the introduction of new business models in solar? [3:35]

2. What is Community Solar? [8:22]

3. What can we realistically expect from solar power generation in the 2020's [16:12]