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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 5th November 2015
Learn how to overcome the hurdles of manufacturing a product in the international arena with Belinda Coker
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Learn how to overcome the hurdles of manufacturing a product in the international arena with Belinda Coker

Belinda Coker

With the humbleness of the “girl next door”, Belinda Coker is an influential entrepreneur and mother of three. Founder of consulting company Bellouco Consulting, Belinda assists her clients in producing their intellectual properties in China. She is also the founder of Envirosax, a brand of world-leading and iconic re-usable bags.


Envirosax was founded when Belinda’s first two children were each under the age of two and money was tight. Her husband continually encouraged her to return to her corporate job but she couldn’t face the thought of spending so much time away from her children. Belinda felt she was at a point of post-natal depression and had her “ah-huh” moment one night where she thought to re-create re-usable bag designs at the time recyclable bags had just hit the market. Combining her passion with her creativity she was able to combat her depression and make a new career for herself.


“Every cloud has it’s silver lining, it truly does”


Belinda was lucky to time her great idea when environmentalism first started spreading across the world. Today Envirosax are one of the most renowned re-usable bags globally.


What was the drive that kept you going in the early days of your company?


Don’t worry what anyone says, just keep going if it’s what you believe in.


How did you get various celebrities to feature your bags?


Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Sarah-Jessica Parker mysteriously got their hands on the bags! It happened organically! I would have loved to give them as many bags as they wanted but somehow they already had them!


Where were you when you first started Envirosax?


I was living with my husband in a house that was entirely off the grid, we were on solar panels and rain water. We also had a bio-cycle for all waste water. Environmentalism was a big part of my life at this time and it still is.


Where did you source your material from?


From the very beginning I sourced all my material from China.


How did your business of Envirosax then evolve to your new business Bellouco?


I grew tired of the admin work and operations involved in the company and I had many people curious how I entered the American market, the whole process of production from A-Z and how I source material from China. I ended up outsourcing many of my staff to give advice and I then discovered another passion- helping to point others in the right direction with business advice.


Lightning Round


What trophy would you want on your mantle?


I’m actually not a trophy person, I’m happy to make it through this life knowing I’ve helped as many people as I can-I don’t feel I need the acknowledgement!


What is your guilty Pleasure?


Laying in bed on Saturday and having breakfast in bed.


What are you currently reading?


Boundaries” by Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend and “Soon” by Morris Brightman.


What is your productivity hack?


To get your kids to do the chores without asking.


What is your personal motto?


“Walk with integrity, talk with integrity and think with integrity- save the embellishments for the Christmas tree”.


What would you do differently, if you were given another chance?


I wouldn’t do anything differently, everything I have done has made me the person I am however I have a daydream where I am a formula 1 racing car driver!


Best way to reach Belinda:


Bellouco: www.bellouco.com

Envirosax: www.envirosax.com