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Dawid Pawlowski on Pastor Artur & Tyranny in Canada!
Episode 123rd March 2022 • On Fire For God Today •
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Sean M. Madden, shepherd of, interviews Dawid Pawlowski, of, on his brother Pastor Artur Pawlowski's unlawful imprisonment and the totalitarian, anti-Christian, anti-freedom and anti-law and order tyranny in Canada. Dawid also shares his miraculous testimony of how he came to Christ through divine intervention in the midst of his intention to commit suicide, and much more in this chockablock interview.

Episode Guide

00:00:00 "Chinada"

00:00:16 We've entered a dictatorship

00:01:12 Episode intro

00:02:53 We're supposed to be our brother's keeper

00:03:03 Head-on collision with Jesus (intro)

00:03:13 Man of action

00:03:32 Born behind the Iron Curtain

00:04:30 Family moves from Poland to Greece

00:04:58 Agios Apostolos (Holy Apostles)

00:06:02 Learning Greek

00:06:44 Verifying the Word of God

00:09:33 Family moves to Canada

00:11:25 Alcohol / drug addictions; suicide attempt

00:12:29 Head-on collision with Jesus (detail)

00:13:55 Seeing brother, Artur, preaching

00:14:54 Freedom vs. slavery

00:16:30 Choosing life or death

00:18:54 The King was in the house

00:21:19 Hearing Fatherly voice

00:21:40 Now it's time — Choose!

00:23:00 Grabbing the hand of life

00:23:56 His presence paralyzed me

00:24:33 For 10 years I was a slave

00:25:43 As if hit with an arrow

00:26:26 I'm going crazy

00:26:47 A voice from above

00:27:34 I am set free!

00:28:04 I came to preach

00:28:48 Since then I preach with my brother

00:29:04 Not the last time I heard the Lord

00:30:26 "Street Advocate" documentary

00:31:59 This fascist land

00:32:50 Scamdemic

00:35:22 The homeless situation enormous business for big wigs

00:40:16 Pastor Art arrested for publicly reading Bible

00:41:23 The arresting police officer becomes a Christian

00:42:19 A time to make a whip, and a time to give the other cheek

00:42:35 The "plandemia" begins

00:43:21 We feed thousands every week

00:43:40 Pastor Art first clergyman to receive the "Covid" ticket

00:44:23 Illegal / unconstitutional "Covid" mandates

00:44:48 Crackdowns against churches and Christianity

00:45:39 Pastor Art drives out Gestapo on Passover

00:46:14 Two weeks later Dawid and Artur arrested by SWAT team

00:46:36 Above arrests against Federal law

00:47:21 Crooked judges / government propaganda

00:47:47 Harassment intensifies / Pastor Art tours the U.S.

00:48:10 Dawid / Artur arrested again on January 1st

00:49:32 Canadian truckers begin to protest

00:49:45 Coutts (Alberta) Canada / U.S. border; Pastor Art officiates church service

00:50:11 Kidnapping arrest of Pastor Artur at home

00:50:52 Since Feb 8th, Pastor Art in maximum-security prison / solitary confinement (23 hrs/day)

00:51:58 Political vendetta by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney

00:52:14 Jason Kenney like Haman from Book of Esther

00:52:42 Pastor Art charged with nonsense charges

00:53:07 Changing the dates for bail review

00:53:34 Unprecedented lawlessness in Canada

00:53:59 Baby Cyrus police / CPS kidnapping in Boise, Idaho

00:55:30 Those who've received the love of the truth (2 Thes 2:10)

00:56:09 The One World system prophesied in the Bible

00:56:35 The beginning of sorrows (Matt 24:8)

00:57:08 If they knew there's no way out of hell

00:57:20 Nuremberg 2.0

00:58:00 Mistreatment of Pastor Artur during arrest and imprisonment

00:59:48 Psychological torture / harassment

01:00:33 Prison guards ripped up Pastor Art's Bible

01:01:11 The good that is coming from Pastor Art's imprisonment

01:03:20 The Holy Spirit moving through the Calgary Remand Centre

01:04:27 Revival inside the Calgary Remand Centre

01:04:50 Punishments of the prisoners and protesters

01:05:15 Prison guard asked inmate to assault Pastor Art

01:06:47 The criminals more righteous than the guards

01:07:03 Family / supporters fasting, praying, ongoing prayer vigil

01:08:10 WARNING to all Christians to STAND UP!

01:09:39 The body of Christ must defend freedom

01:10:05 Freedom / sovereignty comes only from God

01:11:10 Which churches have received the love of the truth (2 Thes 2:10)?

01:11:49 Corporate churches, governments, police departments, etc.

01:12:27 The very definition of fascism

01:12:51 Perfect hybrid of fascism and communism

01:13:08 Fascism vs. communism: a false dichotomy

01:15:27 Worldwide tyrannical coup

01:17:51 Nathaniel, Pastor Art's son

01:18:05 Nathaniel's rebuttal of Jason Kenney's false charges

01:18:28 Rebel News' coverage of the rebuttal

01:20:20 The politicians' false narrative

01:22:06 The true heaven vs. Disney portrayal

01:26:05 Gospel call

01:27:26 Outro

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