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Michael Tigar for Terry Nichols
Episode 816th March 2021 • For the Defense with David Oscar Markus • rakontur
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The Oklahoma City Bombing is one of the deadliest domestic terrorism cases in U.S. history and it struck right at the heart of the criminal justice system. Would anyone represent Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols? Not only did Nichols get a lawyer, he got one of the very best in history, Michael Tigar.  Tigar is a renowned trial lawyer, appellate lawyer, scholar, and author. His memoir, Sensing Injustice, is a must read. 

Also featured in this episode is original music by Omondi Nyong’o, A Call to Arms. His music can be found at

Finally, if you are a Florida lawyer and have listened to all of Season 2, there is a CLE course code at the end of the episode. Thanks for listening to Season 2.