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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 3rd March 2019
78: Computer Science – You need to focus on the human side to solve complex problems – Zoey Gagnon
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78: Computer Science – You need to focus on the human side to solve complex problems – Zoey Gagnon

Zoey Gagnon earned a Computer Science Degree from The Metropolitan State University of Denver and is an Engineering Manager at Meetup.

[0:00] Zoey has focused on Agile development and builds large complex things with teams of people in humane ways and chose Computer Science in large part due to the degrees being offered.

[1:50] Goes into a little bit about PHP and Micro Services and moving it into newer technologies.

[5:45] Goes into what a day might look like – as a manager, Zoey is more of a coach.

[8:40] What has Zoey fired up today is thinking about software architecture and goes into ways to make architecture decisions. — Need to have patience when making decision that will be hard to change in the future.

[12:15] Getting through college – have an idea of the value that you want to get out of college. Go to college when you can really understand why you are going.

[14:00] Software can be a very creative path, as the software is the path to solving problems and many ways to solve them.

[15:40] Best advice is to have patience and to listen and to give others space to express themselves. And an attribute for success is to be an avid note taker. Zoey really likes the web page Lean X in Y Minutes for syntax translation from language to language. And a book Zoey recommends is “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” by Michael Feathers.

[19:15] Parting advice – understand that the technology problems that we are trying to solve are very complex, too complex for a single person. So you need to focus on those human elements to work with people

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