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Chapter 62. One Solitary Crouton
Episode 625th July 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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In our pre-show meeting Ant offered me two topics for discussion…

‘Books or Clothes’

Now that is a conundrum for first thing on a Tuesday morning after a birthday "do", but it ended up being a fairly straightforward choice as immediate power of recall rendered much of literature somewhat submerged in my brain-soup.

So here we go with the ‘wardrobe secrets of Steve H’ and I can almost hear the strains of the Pet Shop Boys and the opening credits of The Clothes Show.

The diary whisks us to Washington, and I experience a citrus high, an equine first and a  last-minute trouser dash all before the first curtain-up. 

The French designer I couldn't remember came to me in the night. She is Agnes B.

Hugs, h

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