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Behind The Membership with Callie Willows - The Membership Guys EPISODE 9, 12th October 2017
Running a "Limited Lifecycle" Membership with Lisa League
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Running a "Limited Lifecycle" Membership with Lisa League

Lisa League from QPractice is today's guest on episode 9 of Behind the Membership with Callie Willows.

QPractice has been running for 4 years and focuses on helping interior designers to pass their professional exams, which means that the membership is somewhat finite as there is a natural conclusion to the membership once members pass their exams. Listen in to find out how Lisa deals with this and ensures that the membership works for both her and her members.

"I really have liked how it's just grown and evolved over time...I've really, really enjoyed the under the hood stuff as well as making the content."

Listen in to find out:

  • How Lisa initially got started with online education and community building
  • Dealing with the inbuilt churn of a results based or limited lifecycle membership
  • Using audience feedback to steer course development
  • Pre-selling the membership and creating content live
  • Providing assessments, hands on review and feedback as core membership features
  • The challenge of getting and keeping good team members
  • How the membership site has drastically evolved over the last 4 years, including the need for custom software development
  • Being hands on in the community and dealing with high levels of customer support
  • Why she uses and recommend Mighty Networks for membership communities
  • Attracting members with SEO and content marketing
  • Using a guarantee to encourage action and implementation
  • Why she's focusing on simplifying for the future