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Peace Toast and Jam
Episode 5031st October 2023 • Casual Nonsense • Marc Diette
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Episode 50: Peace Toast and Jam

Host: @marcdiette | @nonsensecasual

Guest: Vicki Magyar

Vicki Magyar brings a delightful blend of laughter and energy to your ears in this episode of Casual Nonsense. With her infectious humor and insightful discussions, Vicki takes us on a journey of personal growth and well-being.

From her unconventional wrestling background to her exploration of practices like yoga and Reiki, Vicki's stories will have you chuckling one moment and pondering the power of the mind the next. With a focus on the importance of laughter, mental health advocacy, and finding stillness in our lives, Casual Nonsense is the podcast you need to unleash laughter for a happier mind.

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Peace Toast and Jam podcast

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