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Great Copy Starts with Knowing Your Ideal Client
Episode 6513th May 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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This week I’m joined on the podcast by Natalie Gensets: a copywriter who specialises in helping health coaches write copy that connects with their ideal clients. Natalie does this by either coaching health coaches to write their own copy, or she writes it for them to help them find clients and thrive.

It's so important for practitioners to find a niche. So many send out messages in their copy suggesting they can help anyone with everything. Natalie understands how compelling it can be to put out generic "I can help everyone copy", but the message is going to fall short of you connecting with anyone. 

Potential clients are often left thinking "what am I supposed to do with this information?" Or "what is the practitioner doing?" 

By picking a niche you can write directly to your ideal client, so they know how you can help them.

  • (03.16) Why it's so important for practitioners to find a niche
  • (12.00) How do you go about identifying your niche?
  • (14:35) Ideal client language and questions they ask
  • (19:10) Building your email list and lead magnets

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