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The Ocean Begins in your Home, with Adam Parker, Re-Founder and CMO, OceanSaver
Episode 838th July 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Every other breath you take comes from the ocean …

How much thought do you give to the products you use to clean your home? We recently took a metaphorical deep dive with Amanda Horn into her love of the ocean as part of World Ocean Day and Ocean Week (in Canada), and how important the ocean and water is to our lives. Following our chat with Amanda, we then we explored toxic free circularity with Paul Arellano Foulkes.

In this episode, we continue the theme of caring for our oceans, speaking with Adam Parker over at OceanSaver, a brand on an incredible mission to save Ocean life from the plastic pollution and harmful chemicals in 28 billion plastic cleaning products created every year.”

OceanSaver make plastic-free, plant based cleaning products, and as customers, we can vouch for how good they are!

Adam talks about the big picture, how the ocean itself is drowning from overfishing, plastic pollution and harmful chemicals. We discuss the need for solutions and products which do less / no harm and the need and role for us (Marketers), especially those working in the FMCG space, to think about the responsibilities we have and the stories we tell.

Adam shares his experience, the approach they take at OceanSaver and the journey they are on to keep making ecofriendly cleaning products accessible, affordable and a no brainer choice for consumers. They also donate 1% of profit for ocean conversation!

We love how innovative, creative and vibrant OceanSaver is, so be sure to tune in and, get them on your shopping list, you won’t be disappointed. Kind to wallet and the ocean - and very effective.

Tune in to hear us talk with Adam about:

  • How we need to reconnect people with the ocean and keep educating folks on how incredibly important it is to us
  • How to make better product choices more accessible
  • Working with the grain of human psychology and behaviour
  • Letting people on auto pilot make more sustainable choices
  • Showing that sustainable choices are affordable and that people are looking for them
  • The critical role of retailers
  • What Marketers can be doing to support the business case for change

For more information about Oceansaver - visit

View their latest, fun and informative ad - meet Gareth… and enjoy the sea shanty

And to connect with Adam via LinkedIn - it’s here…

Another great episode… enjoy.


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