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17. Breaking Generational Cycles through Emotional Healing with Chimere Faulk
Episode 1715th January 2020 • Authentic Wednesday Podcast • Bianca Hughes
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In this week's episode I have an authentic conversation on the importance of emotional healing with Chimere Faulk, an entrepreneur in Atlanta, GA. She shares her journey of giving herself permission to cry and be gentle with herself, embracing her sensitive soul and giving her daughters space to experience their emotions. 

Episode Highlights 

  • Trying to be everything to everyone

  • Hearing the message that emotions are weakness 

  • People needing your sensitive nature in the world

  • Not recognizing when you are not being vulnerable 

  • Healing through your children 

  • Women being hurt by their mothers

  • Entrepreneurship from a early age

  • Manifesting your life and the law of attraction 

  • Appreciating all parts of you 

  • Slowing down and being able to listen and connect 

  • Growing up without being taught how to handle your emotions or that your emotions are ok 

Special Guest: Chimere Faulk


Chimere Faulk

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Natural Hair Lady

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