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The Book of Genesis - Michael Joseph Murano EPISODE 60, 23rd January 2021
Gen 60: Chapter 48
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Gen 60: Chapter 48

Book of Genesis #60

Joseph, upon hearing his father was ill brings his two sons to bless. He wants to receive the blessing of the firstborn and immediately passes it to his children.

Normally the blessing is passed from first-born to first-born but in this case, Joseph does not ask a blessing upon himself, instead, he asks Jacob to bless both of his sons; a sign he has received the double blessing of the firstborn.

There, a curious thing happens, which happened before multiple times: Jacob whose eyes are dim crosses his hands laying his right hand on the head of the younger Ephraim and prophecies that Ephraim shall be greater than Manasseh in the history of Israel. In fact, Ephraim became synonymous with Israel after the kingdom of David was split in two between north and south.

God raises men and women for a special purpose and we often confuse the mission God has for each one of us and his love; somehow we think that God's love for us is proportional to the importance (judged from our vantage point) he wishes to hand to us as if we are competing for his attention.

God does not love us so.

The only divine measure of God's love is the Cross. Since his son died for us on the Cross, the love of God the Father for each of us is measured by the Cross -- it is infinite regardless of the importance or lack thereof that we may ascribe to our lives and our tasks.

Heaven is not a corporation, God is not a CEO. God is a family and heaven is home and God loves us so because he is a Father.