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Episode 3 – The Self-Awareness Challenge
Episode 314th May 2019 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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The Self-Awareness Question:

What keeps us from being in touch with our authentic selves? How is it that we get to a certain age, needing to make important life decisions and we get it wrong because we are unaware of what we need to be happy and successful?

There are three blocks to self-awareness:

Repression: How we hide the truth from ourselves by pushing it down into our unconscious mind.

Rationalization: Explaining or justifying our actions for our personal benefit.


Denial: closing the mind off to a reality that we would rather not face; “selective inattention.”

But what we are unaware of is running us and therefore may be at work in us as we are making optimal life choices. This precludes the possibility of our self-acceptance and ultimately self-love. How can we expect others to know and love us if we do not know or love ourselves?