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Finding The Right Podcast Editor
Episode 3514th March 2023 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: 

“If you are a podcaster overwhelmed with finding the right editor, here are the things to do and look out for when hiring the best one for your podcast.”

Finishing your podcast recordings must be a feat, yet as a human bound to utter fillers, editing it is a must. And since time is precious, you are now searching for a podcast editor who can polish it to your desired output.

But choosing the right editor presents challenges, especially when editing is not your expertise. In short, you have yet to learn the qualifications when vetting applicants for the job. 

In Episode 33, not only will you get the 4-step checklist on hiring the best editor for your podcast, but you will also want to onboard the one who can translate and jive with your brand’s personality.

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • A podcast should represent you and retain its flavor. Certain fillers in casual conversations are intentionally left out. And in professional settings, 100% clean is the standard.
  • Credentials are not necessary. Working with beginners can work out as long as they provide sample edits to showcase their potential and capabilities.
  • Hiring to support you means delegating 20% of the work while achieving 80% of the results.

Show Highlights:

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  • As the podcaster, you should be able to identify the kind of output and help you need, such as simple clean-up of dead air or fillers or advanced content editing where an hour's worth of raw audio is reduced to half with only the juiciest details.

Kai 06:09

  • Filter serious applicants with a Google form. Filling it out indicates high intent to go through the hiring process.

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  • Ask shortlisted candidates to hop on a call to see if they are a long-term fit, not only with their skills but also in alignment with your values.

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