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“Same as Me” by NightEyes Dayspring (read by Carrizo)
10th June 2022 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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Today’s story is “Same as Me” by NightEyes DaySpring, who is a known troublemaker who is rumored to have a penchant for coffee and an interest in dead, ancient civilizations. He recently published an erotic furry novel called Scars of the Golden Dancer and an collection of adult stories called KNotty Works. Information about his work and where to find him can be found by visiting, which links to his website, social media profiles, and galleries.

This story deals with homophobia, bigotry against same sex relationships, and against queer people. While the Voice of Dog strives to bring you stories that cheer, that give hope, that uplift, it is important to understand honestly why we need to be uplifted, and what we need to be uplifted from. Many of us here at the fireside have faced scenes like this in our own past, and with the rise in shockingly homophobic and transphobic political rhetoric in many nations, many of us fear we must soon face them again. This story is to illustrate why Pride Month was and remains necessary. Please remember that you are not alone.

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