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Why your small business needs a digital marketing strategy
Episode 212th October 2020 • Online Marketing Basics for Busy Website Owners • Vicki Jakes
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  • Intro  (0:00:54)
  • The positive benefits of small businesses to take the time to outline and plan, and then implement a digital marketing strategy.  (0:00:54)
  • Our preconceptions about marketing yourself online.  (0:04:15)
  • How online marketing has disrupted big traditional industries.  (0:06:53)
  • Why you really need to market yourself online. (0:07:30)
  • The Martec 5000 - ways you can connect with your ideal customer online [LINK]  (0:10:37)
  • Why taking advantage of the tools out there and making a long term plan can help you get ahead of the competition.  (0:11:25)
  • Why it's important to not just rely on Social media channels. (0:12:20)
  • Why new small businesses feel overwhelmed with online marketing when they first start.  (0:14:15) 
  • Why understanding exactly where your ideal customer lives online can help you start formulating a plan.  (0:16:11) 
  • The first step - start with your customers.  (0:16:48)
  • Why knowing where your ideal customers live online can help you get in front of them.  (0:20:24)   
  • The four key areas.  (0:21:21)
  • Why it is important to test your strategy for each channel.  (0:26:50)  
  • Using the data to move beyond short term testing.  (0:29:50) 
  • How to formulate a strategy.  (0:30:14)   
  • Taking it one step at a time.  (0:35:33)   
  • Find out more at  (0:37:33)