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036 Emotional Dumping Vs. Emotional Maturity
Episode 3613th May 2024 • The Infinite Potential of Being Human • Nicky Clinch
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This week we’re diving into emotional bleeding or emotional dumping versus emotional maturity, and the distinction between the two. 

Emotional bleeding or dumping is rampant, if not even supported, and sometimes even celebrated in our society and social media culture today. We live in a  public culture where there’s an opportunity to instantly be exposed and expressed. We are teaching the younger generations that being an emotional bleeder with no boundaries, no center, no ability to hold themselves and communicate in mature emotional ways, is normal. And it’s a toxic culture, causing a devastating impact to the person themselves who are stuck in the pattern, as well as so much pain to the people who are on the receiving end of emotional dumping. 

So in this episode, we’re going to talk about how to recognise and understand emotional dumping, and how to make steps from it towards emotional maturity. 

What is Covered: 

-What emotional bleeding or dumping is and the root of it

-How emotional dumping shows up in relationships

-Why emotional dumping is so damaging to all sides involved

-The hunger that drives this behaviour and why it can’t be satisfied

-Why emotional bleeding sometimes hides behind hyper-independence

-Emotional bleeding, narcissism and gaslighting

-How society feeds and celebrates emotional dumping

-What emotional maturity is and how we can be mum and dad to our own selves

-How emotional maturity shows in relationships 

-How to approach an emotional bleeder and set clear boundaries  


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