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Beyond The Brochure with Christina Simon
Episode 417th November 2020 • The Motherbird Podcast • Mia Sable Hays
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Today our guest is Christina Simon, author and editor of the Beyond the Brochure book and blog which have been featured on NPR, The Hollywood Reporter, and many more publications of note. If you’re the kind of mom that deep dive googles the schools you are interested in, you have probably found yourself on her website, which, like the name suggests, is all about getting beyond the glossy presentation and catching some honest takes on the LA private school admissions “experience” from parent to parent, including personal stories about specific schools. Coming up, we’ll get a little deeper with Christina and chat about her daring to start this blog, realizing she wanted to switch after her first year at what she thought would be her family’s dream school, and her insider thoughts as a mom of color on evaluating a private school’s diversity claims.

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