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Venus and the Celestial Rose with Annabel Du Boulay
Episode 2427th February 2022 • Ruby Ray with Jaclyn Norton • Jaclyn Norton
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In this first episode of Season Two, I interview Annabel Du Boulay on the archetypal, mythological and historical teachings of The Rose Moon. The Rose Moon holds the mysteries of the Venus Lunar Cycle and its connection with The Rose Lineage. We discuss the Rose Lineage Mythos from ancient Sumeria and the archetypal journey of the Venus lunar cycle, and why it matters now.

Annabel is a spiritual teacher, mythologist, scholar of the Avalon, Rose, Celtic and Gnostic Lineage, and Rose Lineage expert. She's the founder of the Avalon Rose Chapel in Glastonbury.

We also talk about:

  • The mythological significance of the 5-point Star of Venus
  • The Sacred Marriage archetypal journey in the gnostic myth
  • Sacred pilgrimages and how to activate planetary gridlines