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074 Protecting Your Surveying Business Practice
Episode 744th November 2021 • The Surveyor Hub Podcast • Marion Ellis
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Well-run businesses generally get fewer complaints and claims, and they're certainly less complex ones. There are three main areas you need to focus on when it comes to protecting your practice as a surveyor. These are the interactions you have with your clients and customers, the areas of regulation you need to navigate, and your responsibility as a business owner.

What We Cover: 

- Attracting the right clients

-  How to navigate regulations and legal responsibilities as a business owner

- The importance of getting help and support to manage your business

- Three things you can do to avoid risks and protect your practice

- The benefits of tracking and reviewing your work to you and your business

- How to audit and create an action plan to help you make time for life events

- How to set up a business continuity plan to design out risks and mistakes

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