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Leading a Fight with Jordan McConnell of the Crohn’s Veteran Podcast
Episode 5527th August 2020 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Today we chat with Jordan McConnell who is the co-host and founder of the Crohn's Veteran Podcast. 

Like many of our guests who start a cause-based podcast, it is a calling they feel to lead, and he understands that his and the other co-hosts story can help others.  The premise for the podcast is to simply bring awareness and bring like hearted stories of others who live with Crohn’s diseases and other irritable bowel syndromes related illness.  

The podcast is just getting started with fifteen episodes published and Jordan opens up about the lessons learned already and why Twitch and YouTube was the right platform to branch out on. 

Community around his cause is something they are closely working on creating with each new episode and bringing people together.  

Like many foundations fundraising during a COVID-19 area has changed and evolved, and he talks about how the Cure for Colitis foundation has had to evolve to keep the mission alive. 

Key Topics:

·      Why start a podcast about Crohn’s Disease?  (1:24)

·      Why doing a co-host model made sense for them? (3:20)

·      What does it mean to be a Crohn’s Veteran?  ( 5:22)

·      Benefits of being on Twitch and YouTube as a podcaster? (8:50)

·      What struggles were faced when first getting started? (10:57)

·      As a cause based podcast, what problems are you currently working through? (12:00)

·       Who is the Crohn’s Foundation and how are they raising money during COVID-19? (14:44)

·      What is the biggest lesson you would share for someone who about to start their own causepod? (17:42)

·      A simple method to raise awareness of the cause and the podcast (18:52)

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