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Denial, Displacement and Other Ways We Neglect Ourselves with Dr Andrew Tresidder
Episode 774th May 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Dr Andrew Tresidder joins us to talk about denial, displacement and other ways medical practitioners and other professionals in high stress jobs neglect themselves.

Episode Highlights

[04:46] Burnout Among Health Practitioners

  • Medical and health professionals don't understand health as a holistic concept.
  • The health industry workload gets heavier every year.

[07:23] Neglect Syndrome

  • 'Fine' means being fearful, insecure, neurotic, and emotionally imbalanced.
  • Most people's first response to psychological needs is denial.
  • All effects are avoidable.

[10:05] The Pillars of Well-Being

  • Well-being has five pillars: a social connection, taking notice, being active, learning, and giving.
  • Andrew shares a sixth pillar: receiving.
  • A relationship is about being energised or calmed by others.

[13:03] What Stress Can Lead To

  • Stress can lead to exhaustion and increased adrenaline.
  • Practitioners need to know this isn't mental illness but exhaustion.
  • Neglect makes people work harder to compensate.

[15:39] Factors of Neglect

  • It's easy to say that we need to manage our well-being.
  • If we overwork ourselves, our performance gets worse.
  • Improving well-being requires changing the workplace environment.

[20:11] Why Resistance Exists

  • Doctors and health practitioners often sacrifice themselves to help others.
  • Health professionals are still human.

[22:58] Insight Deficit

  • Insight deficit occurs when you think you're invincible.
  • Exhaustion is normalised.

[26:17] How to Gain Better Health

  • Medical education should include health and burnout avoidance.
  • The sympathetic state activates our fight or flight response.
  • The parasympathetic state is rest.

[33:50] Rest Is Imperative

  • Decompression from the alarm phase is difficult.
  • Create a habit of rest and permit yourself to relax.
  • Before helping others, help yourself first.

[40:50] Andrew's Tips for Health and Well-Being

  • Value quiet time, reflect on your values and take care of yourself.
  • Preempt neglect to avoid burnout.
  • Learn to ask for help and do it early.

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