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Episode 16: Overcoming Staffing Challenges in Labs with Innovative Training and Software Tools- Lee B. Springer, PhD
Episode 1614th May 2024 • eLABorate Topics • dibroadcasting
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In this episode of eLABorate Topics, we dive deep into the evolving landscape of laboratory technology and staffing with our guest, Lee Springer, a seasoned expert in healthcare administration. We explore the critical challenges and innovative solutions that can redefine the future of laboratory operations and personnel development.

Today, we'll cover:

- The innovative use of AI and machine learning in developing software tools to transform lab ordering processes.

- Strategies for enhancing staff competency and job satisfaction through technology and training.

- The significance of cross-departmental collaboration and partnerships in optimizing laboratory protocols and processes.

- The urgent need for industry-wide initiatives to address the shortage of laboratory professionals and attract new talent.

- Lee Springer’s insights on the importance of embracing change and learning for professional growth in the laboratory industry.

Guest Bio:

Lee B. Springer, PhD brings executive experience in clinical diagnostics, laboratory medicine, healthcare regulations, and FDA regulatory and compliance. He has worked extensively in laboratory, hospital, and health system operations, including process improvement, service line development, strategic initiatives, and growth strategies. Lee also has served in executive roles for medical device manufacturers leading new product and service line development in conjunction with bioassay/device research and development and sponsored clinical trials and investigations. Lee also has designed, developed, and led organizational change strategic initiatives for physician practices, corporations and health systems that were focused on collaboration, culture, and quality. In addition to his significant industry experience, he has served in various capacities in higher learning from lead faculty, program director to course and online learning environment development.

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