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The Good, The Bad, and The BS in Marketing - A Candid Chat With Sabrina Chevannes
Episode 1613th June 2024 • Marketing Freed • David Richter
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When a business recognises they have a marketing need that they don’t have the skills or capacity for in-house, and it doesn’t warrant making a permanent hire, they often default to finding a marketing agency to do the work. But agencies are expensive, and certainly in my experience, a lot of them are a bit crap. 

Turns out I’m not alone in that belief, in fact a lot of people running agencies believe that too. Including Sabrina Chevannes, Founder of Complex Creative, the no-bullshit agency. And in this episode Sabrina and I chat through some of the flaws of the agency model, how to sniff out bs, and what you should be doing to make sure a relationship with an agency or a freelancer is a success.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Some of the flaws inherent in the agency model.
  • How businesses can avoid falling victim to flashy but ineffective agencies
  • Strategies you can use to establish clear, results-driven relationships with an agency or freelancer
  • The benefits of full-service vs niche when it comes to agencies






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