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The increasing importance of Data Literacy
Episode 827th April 2022 • LEAD WITH DATA Podcast • Rina Gami
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Darshil is an experienced data professional in developing and executing a use-case driven enterprise-wide Data Strategy aligned to the Business Strategy. Darshil has practical experience in all phases of

Information Management like Big Data, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, Data Governance, establishing data operations starting from conceptualization to implementation.

He is passionate about driving strategic outcomes through data and AI/ML at the scale, empowering people and businesses with deeply relevant communication and recommendations. Darshil is advocate of ‘data literacy for all’ which helps organizations to truly become a data driven organization.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why is data literacy becoming more important?
  • How to build a data literate culture?
  • The challenges faced in rolling out data literacy
  • Can technology help build data literacy? 
  • Does the new ML & AI play a role?