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The Whole Marketer Ep125 - Burnout with guest Alan Trice
28th May 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Episode #125. The Burnout Miniseries ep2 – Continuing our focus on burnout, this episode discusses the experience of a high-achieving marketer who went through burnout and their reflections on preventing it again - for themselves and others in the future. 

Abby’s guest is Alan Trice, an experienced and passionate senior marketer, having held Head of and Director-level roles within retail, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and fashion organisations such as Puma, Diesel, Coach, IMG, Screwfix and Clarks. Alan currently holds a NED position at the prestigious Mount Kelly school and is a Marketing Society member.  

In this episode, Alan shares his analogy of burnout, his experience of how burnout manifested, the lead up over 18months, spotting the signs and how he looks after his wellbeing to prevent in the future. 

Host: Abigail (Abby) Dixon FCIM/ICF | LinkedIn

Guest:  Alan Trice | LinkedIn


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