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Edmund Adamus - Becoming Artisans of Hope
Episode 99th July 2018 • The Catholic Teacher Podcast • Jonathan Doyle
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In this week's edition of the Catholic Teacher's Podcast, we hear from Edmund Adamus of the Archdiocese of Portsmouth. Edmund discusses big challenges that face Catholic education such as Government pressure and a secularising culture, as well as what Catholic teachers must do to thrive in their work. Additionally, Edmund shares his insight into how he sustains his work load and three important pieces of advice for Catholic Teachers.

Shownotes -

0:00 Intro

5:25 Edmund’s Journey in Faith

10:15 What do you enjoy most about catholic education?

12:46 What are the big challenges that face Catholic Education?

16:35 Government pressure and a secularising culture

21:10 What is the purpose of Catholic Schools?

25:54 What do Catholic teachers need to be doing to thrive in their work?

33:48 What can help teachers be christ-like on the personal and spiritual level? 37:26 The role of leadership in Catholic Schools

39:17 How do you sustain yourself?

43:18 In your work at the moment, where do you experience the presence of God most powerfully?

45:42 Three must-haves for Catholic Teachers?

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