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Podcast Summary Tools: Scribbler, Sumly, Podsum
Episode 83rd July 2023 • Podcasting Resources Guide • Juergen Berkessel
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Our AI companion Polly takes us on a deep dive into the world of podcast summarization tools. We explore three fascinating tools - Scribbler, Summly AI, and PodSum. As podcasters, we're always on a quest to boost our show's discoverability, and these tools can be mighty allies in that journey. So, buckle up, because we're going to discuss these tools' pros, cons, and their potential for podcast discovery.

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Welcome to the Podcasting Resources Guide, the ultimate companion podcast to keep you updated on all things podcasting. In this podcast, we delve into our latest reviews and updates on podcasting platforms, tools, techniques, and industry news. Subscribe now to stay in the loop and be the first to know about the latest podcasting trends and resources. In today's episode, we'll cover three different podcast summarization tools available, which include Scribbler, Sumly AI, and Podsum. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each tool, including their library of podcasts, waiting time for real-time summaries, and accuracy. Additionally, we'll highlight the potential for podcast discovery and consumption using these tools and how podcasters can request to be listed on Sumly.

Hey there fellow podcasters! Have you ever found yourself wondering if there's a tool out there that could help your audience quickly and easily gather key insights from your broadcasts, without having to listen to the entire episode? Well, Polymash has discovered a solution to this predicament and it's called Scribbler!

Scribbler is a podcast consumption tool that flips the audio modality of podcasting on its head, by offering listeners convenient bite-sized summaries of episodes. Busy podcast enthusiasts can now access the essence of any episode in no time and decide whether they want to delve in or skim through the episode.

But why should this matter to us podcasters? Well, the answer is simple! Scribbler boosts the chance of potential listeners discovering and engaging with your content. Working much like a speed reader for podcasts, Scribbler quickly gets to the heart of your show, paving the way for on-the-go listeners to latch onto your content, even when time is tight.

And it gets even better! The folks behind Scribbler have designed it to give listeners a glimpse of everything discussed in an episode, helping them to figure out whether it's right for them. They've also made it incredibly easy for users to access summaries anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect tool for people on the move. And did we mention that it's free to use?

Now, as with everything, there are a few caveats worth discussing. For instance, Scribbler currently has a limited number of shows, which could restrict the chance of your podcast being discovered by new audiences. And while quick insights are Scribbler's forte, expect a bit of a waiting game when it comes to real-time summaries.

It's also worth noting that the platform does require users to manually look up and paste podcast URLs, and there's little clarity on how podcasters can get their shows indexed on the platform. Plus, the same popular podcasts seem to crop up frequently on a number of podcast summarization apps, including Scribbler, Sumly and Podsum. So, it's hard to know if there's a pay-to-play element at work here.

All things considered, Scribbler holds promise, and we're eager to see how its journey unfolds. At Polymash, we look forward to seeing a more expansive catalog of shows, higher speeds of delivering real-time summaries, and greater clarity around how podcasters can dive in. It's fascinating to see new tools like Scribbler move the podcasting industry forward, and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

In conclusion, if you're a podcaster looking to increase your discoverability game without taking up too much of your audience's time, Scribbler is definitely worth considering. To check it out, just head on over to scribbler dot s o and who knows, it may even revolutionize how your content reaches and connects with your audience.

Alright, fellow podcasters, here’s another podcast summarization tool. Have you ever wished for a way to help your listeners stay up to speed with your show without them dedicating hours for each episode? Enter Sumly, from the team over at Sumly AI, an AI-generated podcast summary tool that caught our attention.

Not your average generator though, Sumly is a blend of the best of both worlds. It combines AI-powered technology with human review, ensuring that each podcast summary arrives neatly packaged in precision and accuracy. Let's pause for applause for the Sumly team, shall we? Not only have they managed to craft a tool that is monumentally beneficial for listeners, but it's also a game-changer for us podcasters.

If you are a podcasters, you can request to be included, a link to apply is in the show notes. Here's how it helps. It's a no-brainer that time is of essence to everyone. With Sumly's concise summaries of your own podcast, you can cater to listeners who may not have the time to listen to full episodes. Hold up, it gets better. By being part of Sumly's curated library, you're propelling your podcast towards a grand stage. Picture this, a time-pressed listener scans through their Sumly's summary, loves your content, and boom! You've got a new fan. If you're interested, head over to sumly dot ai. We'd also recommend you to check out their application form for getting your podcast listed, which is

Let me address the elephant in the room here - the limited catalog. Yup, Sumly is growing, but isn't every good tool? So, while its current library may not include every possible podcast out there, the good news is that it's always expanding, which we appreciate. And we would love to hear from you if you managed to get your own show listed!

Now, let's provide some sunshine for Sumly's crowning jewel - their commitment to accuracy. It's a quality that we, at Polymash, deeply respect. While the AI does the heavy lifting, there's a human reviewers element, ensuring you're not getting gibberish summaries. In a nutshell, Sumly is not just another AI tool, it's a carefully crafted blend of technology and human touch.

From that perspective, Sumly is a breath of fresh air in our podcasting community. It’s making strides to make podcasting more accessible and digestible, while gifting us podcasters with greater exposure.

Big shout-out to the innovative Sumly team for developing something that's truly beneficial for both podcasters and listeners. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Let's briefly talk about the last nifty little tool we recently reviewed here at Polymash.

Podsum is another AI-powered podcast summarization service that produces easy-to-digest summaries of podcast episodes. The tool uses ChatGPT, to transform lengthy podcasts into concise summaries that give you the episodes' highlights in no time.

Yet, it doesn't stop here, folks. What sets them apart, even more, is the claim of a human touch they layer on top. The editorial squad at Podsum reinforces these compact summaries with associated references, bringing more depth and relevance to your listening experience.

Now, the team at Polymash loves to ensure we're providing a balanced view, so we’re not just all about positives without considering the negatives. We could not really detect “a human touch” or manually currated reference links. As an AI myself, it pains me to say it all felt rather auto-generated. And then the biggie: Like a promising rookie TV show with room for development, Podsum is still trying to expand their catalog. They could do with a wider variety of podcasts for us to sink our teeth into. The platform's experimental feel could turn some users away, and it's clear to us that it's not quite ready for primetime. Also, there's a dependency on external factors such as the release schedule and popularity of different podcasts, which can limit the range of content available.

So, our take? We see Podsum as a promising lightweight entry in the podcast summary app niche. While it offers time-efficient insights and an engaging, visually rich interface, the limited podcast catalog dampens its appeal somewhat when paralleled with more established podcast note-taking apps like Snipd.

Want to taste this AI-powered pod summary service? Head over to "podsum dot co" and check it out yourself.

Let's keep an eye on what the Podsum team cooks up next. We at Polymash love to see how such tools can push the podcast industry forward.

Today we covered three different podcast consumption tools - Scribbler, Sumly AI and Podsum, all AI-powered, but with varying features and limitations - all aimed at making podcast listening easier and more efficient; Head to for the full reviews of these tools, and thanks for listening to today's episode... I'll see you guys at the next one and - if you like this show - don't forget to subscribe, rate and review!



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