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The Crypto Consciousness Bridge with Luke Kohen (OG 020)
27th May 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“If you don’t have a relationship with impermanence, the system will crush you.”

Is humanity ready for true financial sovereignty? Heartist, spoken word poet, Web3 bard, speaker, and mentor Luke Kohen has been at the front of the conscious crypto movement and shares his insights with us today! DAO’s, NFT’s, and blockchain powered technology offers humanity FAR MORE than a new monetary model. Its true revolutionary power can only be utilized if enough people use it with a service based intention. What will it take for society to recognize the transhumanist agenda? Where does the scarcity mindset hold us back? How does music and art fit into shifting this paradigm? Listen in and find out!


  • [03:50] How an injury sparked a deep life crisis and changed Luke forever.
  • [08:21] Why Web3 offers a conduit for us to be world-bridgers.
  • [14:11] What Luke learned from studying team building in eco villages, start ups, and culture.
  • [17:15] Why Luke calls himself the “bard of Web3”.
  • [21:25] Is art and music only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NFTs?
  • [25:30] Why it’s time to replace extractive systems with regenerative ones.
  • [29:39] Can blockchain and crypto ALONE transform consciousness?
  • [35:14] How to gamify financial models so it's self-powered and benefits all.
  • [37:09] Why creating toroidal energy is fundamental to a DAO’s survival.
  • [43:50] How urgency and scarcity prevents life’s inherent guidance systems.
  • [47:07] Why transhumanism represents a massive threat to the human race.
  • [52:39] What does it look like to shift from Game A to Game B dynamics?

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