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Finding Yourself Through Finding Your People with Charles Tucker | Follow the Wolf Podcast #7
Episode 79th June 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Whether we are hawking down a frisbee, learning new forms of movement, or getting tossed out of a music venue for dancing too damn hard, I can always count on time spent with Charles Tucker to leave me feeling more deeply connected to mySELF. The deepest part of my being. True tribe strips away all layers of the facade we often carry around that hinders our most authentic and fully alive expression. In this conversation, Charles and I talked about the necessity of overcoming our limiting ideas and beliefs that we imprinted on us, how we can learn and connect more deeply with ourselves and others through play, and how vital it is to find the people who see us and love us for all that we are. 

Charles Tucker is a movement coach, educator, and business owner. He is incredibly passionate about improving human biomechanics and has over a decade of experience and accreditation in leading-edge movement sciences including a License in Physical Therapy, a B.A in Exercise Science, and a nationally recognized personal training certification. 

More recently Charles has taken a deep dive into the Functional Patterns system which is a movement re-education system that most closely respects human’s biological evolution and reconnects humans with the movements that they are most well adapted to perform.

Charles works privately with clients of all ages, gender identification, race, ethnicity, and levels of athletic ability meeting them right where they are at to coach them on their journey toward improved biomechanics and physical longevity. To learn more about the services that “Movement Coach Charles” can provide for you and see the incredible results his clients are seeing follow him on Instagram @movementcoach_charles

Much love and peace be with you.




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