#65 What is the challenge of Distributed Leadership with David Costa
Episode 6516th March 2020 • MeetMyPotential • Deepa Natarajan
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About David Costa

David Costa is the CEO of Everis UK. He has a passion for people and enjoys inspiring teams; instilling that success comes from determination and hard work. At Everis he is committed to improve clients’ business performance, through transformation, technology and business consulting.

In his personal life, while trying to find the family-work-personal balance, David works with start-ups, universities and charities as an advisor and investor, to support expansion and increase productivity.

What insights you will get from this episode?

In this episode we look at how Distributed Leadership (DL) can become a multiplayer effect? How does it allow people to be proactive? Why does creating connections become important? What are the side effects of Distributed leadership?

David talks about some of the key ingredients to put in place Distributed Leadership like: Taking decisions, finding the right talents, who can quickly decide, challenge and influence decisions, know what's urgent and what is important. Choosing the right people with high emotional intelligence who embrace diversity has been a key factor for David. He addresses questions like: What is it to be genuinely generous? What is it to not trust people?

His key message:

Think big and make the purpose belong to the organisation.