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Reviving Rochester: Bleu Cease on RoCo's Artistic Legacy and Future
Episode 1819th June 2024 • Behind the Studio Door • Molly Darling & Christian Rivera
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In this episode of "Behind the Studio Door," host Molly Darling and producer Chris Lindstrom sit down with Bleu Cease, the director of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo). Bleu shares his journey with RoCo, from its early days as the Pyramid Art Center to becoming a key cultural space in downtown Rochester. He delves into the history of the artist space movement, RoCo's evolution, and the challenges and triumphs of running an art center. Bleu also discusses the importance of community support, curatorial practices, and the impactful projects RoCo has undertaken, such as the 6x6 exhibition and the biennial initiative, Current Scene. Tune in to hear Bleu's insights on fostering collaboration, supporting local artists, and advocating for the arts in Rochester.

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