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No one really dies
24th April 2020 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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After so many episodes of the Confidence Chronicles podcast, I've realised that I've barely spoken about death and the grieving process. As you may know, my husband Jeo died in 2007 and I had never had anyone close to me die before. I had no idea how to handle it, process it and work through it at the time so I suppressed the emotions. It wasn't until I discovered the work of Byron Katie that I began to process and understand what grief meant for me personallyThe more I work on myself, the more I go into the rabbit hole and managing my mind, the more I am able to reconcile with what is and what can happen.So many of you have lost people or will lose people. What we know for sure is that just as we were born, we will die. How is it that we still struggle with this, even though we know for sure it's going to happen. It's such an interesting topic to talk about and I wanted to give you a bit of insight into how I have made peace with death.Visit my website for all the ways you can work with me online right now UPCOMING VIRTUAL EVENT:Power Couples Masterclass with Erika & Hamish - May 16th, 2020Join my online coaching program for women - the Sistahood

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