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168 - The Dark Truth Behind Truffles: Why the cost is much higher than you think!
Episode 16826th May 2024 • Podcast from Italy: Ashley & Jason Bartner • Ashley Bartner & Jason Bartner
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Newsflash: Jason broke the plow, right away! So we are calling this the transition year in the garden & we explain what that means and why. After an unsuccessful trip into the woods for mushroom with the guests, it reminds me that we get asked a lot why we didn't get truffle hunting dogs or if we are training our dogs - the answer is darker than you may think as to why we won't ever get a truffle hunting dog. Speaking of animals - I had the opportunity to ride a quarter horse when I accidentally spent a morning with a group of Italian cowboys! Then we talk slice of life - Italian funerals (and Gaggi misbehaving) and 1st communion parties, as well as an unorthodox visit to the doctor's 'office.'

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