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Jane Wight: CEO of The Business Supply Group of Trinidad
Episode 49th April 2021 • UpTick - Caribbean Innovators Live • Chike Farrell - Caribbean Ideas Synapse
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Barack Obama had a bestselling book called the Audacity of Hope. Somehow while not exactly the same thing, when I think of this episode’s guest, audacity is a word that comes to mind. On the podcast often we’ve explored the stories of Caribbean entrepreneurs, but this season we’ve widened the scope because innovation takes many forms and there are many Caribbean businesses that have been established for quite some time, yet they are also on a path of innovation and transformation. And within many of these businesses are leaders at multiple levels who are pushing a change and transformation agenda that in their own unique ways are going to help to shape a new Caribbean business reality, and I want you to hear these stories too.  

Jane Wight, is CEO of The Business Supply Group, and I wouldn’t say that she’s a rarity simply because she’s a  young female CEO . But I would say that she’s a rarity in that she got to her leadership position after starting out in the HR field. And while that could be pretty unique, what I was most struck by was her combination of confidence, gumption and willingness to break established conventions and norms, not only to get to where she’s gotten to, but most importantly to take on shifting work culture to embrace the power and potential of people. At the end of the day, Caribbean competitiveness on a global stage is going to be led by people. People who understand what they are capable of, and who benefit from leaders who give them the opportunities to achieve all that they are capable of. Today’s guest, is exactly that type of leader, she pushes the envelope, holds herself and people around her to incredibly high standards, all while maintaining a huge focus on balance as a foundational part of her philosophy when it comes to people. On today’s episode of UpTick, I invite you to learn more of the story of Jane Wight….