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Coach Chris & Coach Brent Talk Shop! Case Study Kansas! [E131]
Episode 13125th September 2023 • Chris Cotton Weekly Blitz • Chris Cotton
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In this podcast episode, Coach Chris Cotton introduces the show as a valuable resource for auto repair businesses. He is joined by Coach Brent, Coach Brent discusses a case study of a successful small-town auto repair shop and shares strategies for improving productivity and setting goals. They emphasize the importance of proactive business management and marketing. They also discuss reducing accounts receivable and hiring new technicians. The episode concludes with a reminder to subscribe and collaborate in the auto repair industry.

Billed hours improvement [00:02:25] Discussion on how a shop improved their technicians' build hours by recording and displaying them, leading to increased productivity.

Internet presence enhancement [00:07:55] Efforts to improve the online presence of a shop, including getting a website, updating Google Maps listing, and starting a Facebook page.

Community involvement promotion [00:09:54] Highlighting the importance of promoting community involvement and showcasing the shop's support for local events and initiatives.

The importance of self-promotion [00:10:31] Discussing the significance of promoting one's own business and deepening community ties.

Fixing broken fundamentals before marketing [00:11:28] Explaining the process of addressing and improving the basic aspects of a shop before implementing marketing strategies.

Managing accounts receivable [00:14:47] Sharing the experience of reducing accounts receivable and the impact it has on cash flow and business profitability.

The online hiring process [00:21:05] Discussion on hiring a new full-time technician and the resources available for setting up an account and finding an A-level technician.

Concentrating on billed hours and shop efficiency [00:22:20] Focus on improving billed hours and sharing ideas on making the internals of the shop more efficient.

Growing and maximizing the potential of your shop [00:26:10] Encouragement to grow and maximize the potential of the current shop, utilizing the full capacity of the shop and increasing performance.

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