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Feature Series: What I've Learnt About Group Treasurers from 200+ Episodes
Episode 22516th September 2022 • The Treasury Career Corner • Mike Richards
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After two fascinating episodes about the early stages of a career in Treasury and the “Mid-Level” as a manager, here is the long-awaited episode about what it takes to make it at the Top.

In this episode, I host Hussam Ali and Guillaume Jouvencel from the fascinating Corporate Treasury 101 podcast and we talk about what we find at the top of the Corporate Treasury food chain. Assistant, Deputy, International, Group and Global Treasurer… All these roles are broken down by Hussam’s and Guillaume’s questions, and my answers come from the 200+ Interviews I’ve had over the years.

These two picked my brain apart. We covered not only what the holistic role of a Group Treasurer is, but also went deeper into the differences between the USA, the UK and Europe - looking at the place a Group Treasurer has within companies in these different regions and why those differences exist. 

Tune in to learn all about the best Group Treasurers. How you execute through your people and make them grow is key. How certain Group Treasurer are a perfect fit for certain industries but not others. How some strive in an environment going through a massive transformation, while others prefer well established Treasury Departments with sometimes more than a hundred people to manage. 

Last but not least, what’s next in your career after you make it to Group Treasurer? How do you make the job interesting and stimulating even after decades in the role? And what are the salary ranges of such positions? 

Curious to know more? Then go and press the play button.

Links toward episodes and materials we discussed during this episode:

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Ep. 207 – How to Transition into Treasury Seamlessly with Toby Shore

Wade Olsen

Episode 148 – Embracing Chaos and Challenges in Treasury with Wade Olsen Part 1

Last but not least… The link to the amazing podcast of my guests!

Corporate Treasury 101 on Apple Podcasts

Corporate Treasury 101 on Spotify

You can connect with Hussam and Guillaume on LinkedIn:

Hussam Ali: Connect Here

Guillaume Jouvencel: Connect Here

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