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Millennials Who Enjoy Working From Home, with Gaby Deimeke, Ep. 59
Episode 5924th August 2021 • Yes, I Work From Home • April K Malone
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Gaby Deimeke is a freelance lifestyle photographer who is currently based in Austin, Texas, though she enjoys moving about every two years. Gaby studied abroad in London for a couple of years learning fashion photography and then spent another two years in New York City. She has specialized in concert photography and is now exploring wedding photography and some other markets; however, her main focus has been a series she has done with local businesswomen, first in New York, and most recently in Texas. She decided she wanted to network and learn from female founders and entrepreneurs; so, in exchange for them answering some questions and sharing business tips, she offered them a portrait they could use in their own marketing and promotional materials. The project took off, and dozens of women allowed Gaby to photograph them. Fortunately, just one week before the pandemic essentially shut down the city of New York, Gaby was able to host a networking event where she brought all of these women together and displayed over 50 of their portraits. She has since relocated to Texas and is working on her next set of images with her new local community in a project called #BadassWomenATX.

In this episode, Gaby speaks about her experience of moving from a small dorm room in London to sharing an apartment with others in NYC, including others who were working from home. There, she spent a lot of time working directly from her bed while working on editing images and her marketing when she was between photo shoots. She was working with the space that she had, with her photography equipment all around her bedroom. Now, in Texas, she has two roommates, including her boyfriend whose room/home office is just across the hall. Even though they work in entirely different fields, they can coordinate their lunches together and pop in and chat for a few moments in a way that a lot of people miss from being in an office setting. She has a little bit more space in this room. As someone who enjoys a peaceful environment, she is happy with how she's been able to decorate and use her space so that one-half of her room is dedicated toward her desk and workspace as well as neatly storing her work equipment, and the other half for her personal items. Gaby and her boyfriend are enjoying the freedom they have with their work-from-home lifestyle and anticipate continuing to relocate approximately every two years.

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