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79 · Soft Porn Unicorn
2nd July 2020 • Cover My Ass • Khaki & K
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Myfanwy, the Dildosmith's Daughter returns! After a fallout with her demon over ‘creative differences’ Myfanwy wanders through the lands on her own until she comes across the valley of the Damosels, a peaceful land ruled by council of three, a land of beautiful streams, lovely meadows, high-spired castles and unicorns — a land in mourning, as the Crone has died and expectations are high for the arrival of the new maiden so the Council of Three is once again complete. Myfwanwy is hailed as the new maiden but soon learns that not all is as beautiful and peaceful as it seems on the surface and Myfwany has to decide if she wants be become part of an ancient and disturbing system of terror and oppression! — "The Three Damosels" by Vera Chapman ----more---- Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and