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Lining up your Actions and Words to Reach Your Goals
Episode 618th May 2022 • In Our Words • University Of Wisconsin Extension
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Albert Walker and Bobby Drake share their inspiring stories as black entrepreneurs of Wisconsin. It's inspiring to hear the stories of two black entrepreneurs from Wisconsin. They talk about integrity, faith and mentorship as well their music production skills with host Rajon Hall.

This is real. This is authentic. This is In Our Words podcast.


29:57 Once you learn to turn what's not there into reality, that's the only skill that you build on.

31:30 Key ingredients to me is one, being determined and not giving up. But also being flexible and ready to adapt, because you're going to get hit with all kinds of things.

38:30 Knowledge is power, putting it into action. And, you know, not just talking but, you know, actually doing it.

51:50 When you're going through something, it sucks. When you get to the thing it is that you're able to do because of what you went through, you're a G.

58:21 If you look in front of the easy way, just take the hard way first. Because if you go the easy way, or what looks to be the easy way, you’re gonna figure out that's not it and you got to start over. And then you'll find another easy way and then you're gonna realize that's not it. And you'll start over and you'll be stuck on the easy way. Just take the hard way from the beginning.


Rajon Hall, MSW - Podcast Host and Real Estate Agent 

Instagram: @BigDreamsRealty

Albert Walker - Owner of Imago dei Barber Lounge (Green Bay). Husband, minister, community activist. 

Website : 

Bobby Drake - Husband and father of 2, Bobby started his career as a spoken word artist, actively working in the community and political system, Bobby has won an Emmy Award and a national association for Black journalist award. As a music producer Bobby has received the independent music awards "Best spoken word album" for his 4th project "Hands Down" (Available on all streaming platforms). 

Website :