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Just the TIP | Own Your Culture
Episode 193rd April 2020 • The Imperfect Pod • The Imperfect Pod
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When you grow up in a culture that makes fun of your traditional culture, it's not easy to embrace that side of you. You learn to hate it. To distance yourself from it. To refuse that you are that. For Savantloup, it was much of the same thing. He hated the fact that he was Sri Lankan because no one celebrated that side of him. As such, he became "white washed". He hated that he was brown. He wished he was white or black. However, that has recently changed. He grew to want to learn more about that side of himself and even the "SL" in his name represents his home country. It hasn't been an easy process, but this is something that happens to so many immigrants, and we as a society need to learn how to help our friends and fellow people be comfortable with who they really are, rather than shaming them for it!

Follow Up Friday where I take one clip or soundbite from this week's episode and respond to it. I wanted to reflect a bit more on my recordings and thought this was the perfect way to go about doing it. It allows me to analyze what my guest said, what I said, go deeper into topics, or just be like "wow this was a horrible take, Luke". Anyways, here is the latest episode! Let me know what you think over at @theimperfectpod on IG!