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Interview with Hamish Macdonald, Managing Director, Squeak E. Clean Studios - Part 2
Episode 7231st March 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is the second part of my interview with Hamish Macdonald. In our first part, we discussed how he has embraced the audio branding world and what that’s meant for his company, Squeak E Clean Studios. Now, we’re discussing the importance of sound and how it plays out for different companies. Audio branding has become an increasingly sought after part of a company to help with reaching customers. I loved hearing Hamish’s take on this!

In this episode, we talked about: 

  • What exactly spacial sound work is
  • How spacial sound encourages people to take action by using specific sounds
  • Hamish was tasked with creating spacial sound for a car company and how it integrated into a whole experience for the audience
  • He uses outside help to create different aspects of various projects
  • Hamish is willing to find the best person for the job and make sure every customer is getting the best product possible
  • You don’t really know if something is a successful sonic logo until it’s been out in the world
  • Netflix was once deemed as the most popular sonic logo and now it’s starting to have negative connotations 
  • Hamish speculates that Netflix’s negative connotations are actually a reflection of how the consumer feels about the amount of time they’ve spent binging 
  • Some sonic logos become annoying and don’t have a positive experience for the consumer
  • Sound and music are some of the best ways to communicate across cultures and countries 
  • The different companies that have taken away visual branding and moved toward sound branding and logos
  • Hamish had a conversation with a colleague about why some companies are more willing to spend money on a visual brand instead of a sonic brand
  • Companies want their logos and brands to withstand the test of time
  • Hamish says that companies should invest in an audio brand because you can reach people across cultures and where the industries are moving
  • If companies are not using an audio brand, they are missing out on a large part of their own market
  • COVID has drastically changed how audio branding is received and needed for the customer experience
  • It’s important to use sound strategically and not invade people’s personal space

If you’d like to learn more about Hamish or Squeak E. Clean, you can find more info here:

On LinkedIn:

The Squeak E. Clean Website:



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