Leadership And Mental Health Management
Episode 3223rd August 2022 • Ascending Change • Jennifer Ayres
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Burnout affects many people throughout their careers, leading to the question, how can people move on from the psychological effects of work stress? While burnout can be challenging to manage, business leaders may be able to implement changes that will support their staff and themselves in recovering from and steering clear of burnout. With the right practices, teams can become more likely to succeed with improved mental health and a mindset optimized for transformative growth.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres speaks about ways leaders can boost their employees' mental health and manage the emotional stressors brought on by their work. Jennifer covers therapeutic practices and leadership techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and other mental health tips and tricks. Listen to this episode to learn how leaders can make a difference in their staff's mental health, boost employee morale, and enable their employees to thrive.

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