75 - The Ride of Our Lives with John Gronski
Episode 7524th May 2020 • The Military Veteran Dad Podcast • Ben Killoy
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Are you on the ride of your life?  That is the journey we dive deep into on this episode and talk about the bike ride John took with his wife and 15-month old son across the country. 

Topics Covered:

  • Talking to your kids about Military Service
  • Learning to value other perspectives
  • Taking a cross country bike trip
  • Leaderships lesson learned on the trip
  • Losing your mom three days after you were born
  • The strength of a family can lift the heaviest loads
  • The struggle of life doesn't end
  • Finding your challenge
  • Asking for help
  • Leading with Vulnerability
  • Honor the people who come into your life
  • People are genuinely good
  • Creating anchor memories with your kids
  • How to create a rich life

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