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Decoding the Fundamentals of Product Strategy
Episode 1228th November 2023 • Real World Entrepreneurship • Alan Clarke
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Welcome to our latest episode of the Real World Entrepreneurship Podcast with Bhairav Patel and Alan Clarke. This time, we're delving into the fascinating realm of product strategy: a crucial consideration for businesses large and small, across all sectors. In this episode, we'll provide you with insights into how to approach your product strategy, making calculated choices around resource allocation in order to maximise the benefits to your business.

Listen in as we delve into that all-too-common business conundrum: Where should you focus your resources, particularly when you've got multiple products demanding attention? You'll gain an understanding of why a strategic approach is necessary, the potential paths open to you, and how to ensure your chosen path is profitable. Don't miss this episode's in-depth conversation on the finer points of product strategy.