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308: How Writing A Book Helped Grow My Practice
5th May 2022 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Today’s session is special because our guest is a friend and colleague from our internship days at Vanderbilt. He has accomplished many things in his career, one of which is co-authoring a book to grow his group practice. It is an innovative endeavor that definitely qualifies as “outside-the-box” thinking. Tom’s insight will be helpful if writing a book is in your future! Join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guest:

Tom McDonagh, PsyD

Tom McDonagh is in group practice in San Francisco, where his work focuses on anxiety, stress, burnout, and other related issues that are common for many people. Tom went the traditional route to publish the book which he co-authored, 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety. In today’s session, he shares why he wrote the book as a co-author, along with the structure, format, and challenges of choosing that route. He also shares wisdom about the traditional publishing process as it relates to marketing a book.

101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety by Dr. Tom McDonagh and Jon Patrick Hatcher

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Tom wanted to write a book as a creative way to get his message out
  • How Tom and Jon Patrick Hatcher decided to team up and co-author this book together (after shelving their original idea for a “break-up” book aimed at men)
  • How co-authoring brings an opportunity to give a different, complementary perspective to your ideas
  • The basics of the traditional publishing process
  • How Tom and Jon divided up the tasks to produce the content for the book in a week-by-week process
  • What Tom would change about the publishing process in hindsight, and why he would choose to self-publish if he could go back
  • Why Tom wishes they had been given more time for editing and rewriting 
  • How Tom’s practice has been thriving with a virtual therapy format since the beginning of the pandemic, helping people deal with anxiety and feelings of disconnection